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BC Securities Commission 43-101F1 Technical Report (F) -see Item 15 for "Sample Preparation, Analyses and Security."
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43-101F1 Technical Report [F]

BC Securities Commission 43-101F1 Technical Report (F)
Item 15: Sample Preparation, Analyses and Security - Describe sample preparation methods and quality control measures employed before dispatch of samples to an analytical or testing laboratory, the method or process of sample splitting and reduction, and the security measures taken to ensure the validity and integrity of samples taken. Include
(a) a statement whether any aspect of the sample preparation was conducted by an employee, officer, director or associate of the issuer;
(b) details regarding sample preparation, assaying and analytical procedures used, the name and location of the analytical or testing laboratories and whether the laboratories are certified by any standards association and the particulars of any certification;
(c) a summary of the nature and extent of all quality control measures employed and check assay and other check analytical and testing procedures utilized, including the results and corrective actions taken; and
(d) a statement of the author's opinion on the adequacy of sample preparation, security and analytical procedures.