2012 Assayer Trainee Scholarship -Fernando Dupa

  • Immigrant from the Philippines since 2001.
  • Married with a child who's turning 3 and another on the way.
  • My educational background is a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, finished in the capital city of Manila.
  • I am employed by SGS Canada for over 5 years. My job function include ARD in Mineral Services Division as well as in Water Treatment under the Environmental.
  • As for my career, my goal is to get my credential an industrial recognition, though on the longer term. As part of my upgrading, I considered the path to an Assayer's Training Certification as offerred at BCIT. This program is a perfect fit for my schedule wherein I work during the day time. The rest of my time is a juggle between family and study.
  • Currently, I am in my third module. If all goes well, I will finish this program within the next year period. Then, I will immediately work towards getting the Certification exam.