2012 Assayer Trainee Scholarship -Patrice Lattanzio

Patrice Lattanzio has been recognized for her academic excellence and ongoing professional development by being awarded an Assayer Trainee scholarship from the Certified Assayers Foundation of BC.

To help promote the profession of assaying and assayer certification, the Certified Assayers Foundation offers scholarships to deserving individuals. BCIT offers an Assayer Certification training program by distance education. Most students in this program of study are sponsored by Industry where they gain valuable hands-on experience and training in Assaying. Upon completion of the BCIT program, students are eligible to write the exam for Provincial Certification given by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Currently, Patrice is on a training rotation in the Classical section of the Teck Trail Operations' Analytical Services laboratory. Patrice joined Analytical Services in 2010 as a casual employee. In 2011, she successfully obtained a full-time position in the lab as an Assayer Trainee. Patrice is a graduate from BCIT Chemical Sciences program, Selkirk College and J.L. Crowe Secondary School.