2013 Assayer Trainee Scholarship -Lin Jing

Lin Jing, Swastika Labs, receives scholarship cheque from Bailey McCrea (right) and Laur Newton (left).
Lin Jing has been honoured for excellence in her studies and professional development by being awarded a scholarship. The scholarship was given jointly by the Certified Assayers Foundation of BC and the Canadian Mineral Analysts.

In the 1980s, I started my career as a Laboratory technician at the Institute of Metal Materials of Inner Mongolia, which is one of the central government laboratories in China. The practice started from sample preparation, sample measurement with the techniques of wet chemistry and instrumentations such as Gravimetric analysis, Titration, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, chemical spectrometer, AAS, ICP-AES, Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer, Oxygen/Nitrogen Analyzer, Hydrogen Analyzer and XRF spectrometer to name a few. Apart from the routine analysis, I had participated in and completed numerous projects. Two of them had been recognized and were rewarded by the provincial government in 1989.

Soon after, I decided to attend university once again in 1990 to obtain my master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry. I completed my thesis – “Extraction and Separation of the Single Rare Earth Element from Rare Earth Ore and Determined Single Rare Earth Element in Rare Earth Elements Samples with ICP-AES”. I had a patent approved with the methodology of extraction and separation of the single rare earth element from rare earth ore by P204 (di-(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid).

After graduating, I found employment at the Beijing Jiaotong University in China as a teacher. I taught different courses such as Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, and Physical Chemistry. Meanwhile, I developed and completed two projects for a fossil-fuel power station; one aimed at the research and development of strengthening copper pipelines and the other involving the application of simultaneous determination of Fe(II) and Fe(III) in the cycling water system.

Eight years later, I decided I wanted to explore a new world. I then branched off to a different field to become a sales engineer for the PANalytical Division of Spetris Representative of Beijing (formerly known as Philips Analytical). This was an exciting working experience. With much effort and determination, I received a reward for top saleswoman for the sales team of PANalytical Division of Spetris in China from its Chinese Management Team.

A few years later, I started a new adventure; I moved to Canada. I have been part of the team at Swastika Laboratories as a chemist and Technical Director since the beginning of 2009. My employer enrolled me into the BCIT Assayer Training Program to build my knowledge on the fire assay process. Starting from the single element analysis for geochemical samples and environmental samples, I then proceeded to expand to the 30 multi-elements analyses with ICP-OES for base metal analysis, FA-ICP-OES for precious metal analysis, and single or multiple elements analysis with microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometer (MP-AES). The first MP-AES installed in Canada was purchased by Swastika Laboratories. I participated with Agilent Technologies in the method comparison amounts on the ICP-OES, MP-AES and AAS.

My routine tasks include: evaluating the daily base analysis data; signing off analysis reports and certificates; solving sample preparation processes and instrumentation troubleshooting issues. One of my other duties includes the writing Standard Operation Procedures for the laboratory and training employees to understand and follow the procedures in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 laboratories requirements.